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The "New Age" or the god-self movement, is a mixture of paganism, satanism, occult, theosphy, and philosophy.  It is very anti-christ and the members of the New Age self-god religion are very militant.  They do not tell the truth and will use lies and falsehoods to promote themselves as well as to destroy there opponets.  The New Age movement seeks a utopian age where Christianity will be totally destroyed and where mysticism in all its perversions is  the world religion. The basic dream of New Agers is harmony between the creation and mankind.  Actually, it is Pantheism reborn.  Those who hate Christainty are prime targets for this religion.  Others who are targeted are the unlearned, those who are having emotional problems, women who are dysfunctional in a male-female relationship, men who seek paranormal encounters with demons, aliens, and flying saucers.  Those who join this movement take on all sorts of wierd behaviours uncommon to normal human beings.  The movement is not exclusive to social misfits.  There are all sorts of individuals who have been swept into its ranks: movie stars, news media celebraties, educators, businesses and businessmen, doctors, lawyers, priests, rabbis, and "Christian" preachers.  The rebirth of the New Age took place in 1980s, birthed out of the hippie-flower-child movement.  Music groups like the Beatles, Peter, Paul, & Mary, and soloist like Barbara Striesand, supported the spread of New Age mysticism by their lyrics.  Recording studios and television producers, already very anti-christ, saw this movement and its goals as a means to draw many millions away from Christianity. A large market for occult literature developed in the United States and other countries.  Today there is a billion dollar a year market for occult books, magazines, audio and videotapes, workshops, retreats, and expositions on the subject of New Age, Self-Realization, and Science of Mind, which in turn developed a world following in the millions seeking natural foods, crystals, and contact with spirit guides and alien gods through trans-meditation, chanting mantras, sniffing incense as they down or shoot drugs.  The New Age movement and mind altering drugs are part of the same religious experience.

The New Age religion is nothing but Panthesim reborn.  You will see members decorated with images and symbols of ancient gods and goddesses. Most join Wicca or someother sataninc cult to associate and find company.  Mixed into this god and goddess worship is Gnosticism, the theory that there is secret knowledge and wisdom unknown to the common man.  These mysteries are transferred only to those initiated into the coven or cult. The largest and wealthiest of these is Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern Star.  Second is the Rocrusians.  The modern occult movement has adapted itself to the roots of 19th-century spiritualism and no one brings this out better then Alice Baily.  The 1960s counter culture movement, that rejected Christian morals and ethics in favor of Hindu Eastern mysticism, preferred para-normal spiritual experiences with drugs then a relationship with Jesus Messieh.  These rejected organized religion and Churches in general and became the leaders of home meetings, home religious groups, even churches whose members were mixed up in all sorts of unbiblical practices and beliefs.  These began to draw away from the authority of Scriptures and considered them only the writings of men.  When Godliness was rejected they replaced Spiritual guidence from God with techniques of self-help, self-improvement, and the idea the individual was capable of everything his/her mind could conceive of themselves. They used the idea of positive thinking to develop self-healing and self-achievement.  This filtered over into psychology and health care with all sorts of new treatments.  Personal counseling with those who had mental problems included heavy does of occult practices.  Today, the New Age occult movement has in it sports stars, armed forces generals who use witches and astrology to time military attacks, corporations using occult logos and deny it, and religious nuts who claim they are the orthodox representatives of true Christianity.

Holistic thinking has influenced attitudes about male-female relationships, eating habits, medicine, the environment, the family, work, regional planning, sustainable land use, and even world peace. The Green-Peace movement is filled with occult members and leaders.  Ideas frequently associated with the New Age movement include anthroposophical teachings, inner transformation, reincarnation, extraterrestrial life, biofeedback, chanting, alchemy, yoga, transpersonal psychology, shamanism, martial arts, the occult, astrology, psychic healing, extrasensory perception, divination, astral travel, acupuncture, massage, tarot, Zen, mythology, and visualization.

It is therefore important that Christians note the history behind these diverse occult movements which are beginning to resurface in American. Because America allows freedom of religion; cults, satanists, pagans, and other evil and antichrist movements have freedom of religion, free speech, and free growth in our society. Christians must learn that the same Constitution that gives them freedom of religion grants these occut ones the same liberty.  As Christians we have just as much right to question, examine, expose, ridicule, and challege the occult movement equal to the same things (including wording), the occult movement uses against Christians and Christainity.  This is cause for conflict, but so be it.  Freedom of speech is just that, ...disagreeable verbal conflict!  Each may talk and give their opinion and let those who listen make their own choice whom they believe.  It is not right for either group to censor or silence their opponet.  Christians have a duty to teach their faith and religious practices and teach exclusiveism.  The occult groups can teach whatever they wish.  Christians know they may not convert many in the occult from their satanism, but we will still try because that also is a part of our religion.  Our religion teaches making converts.  Christians see all occult groups as gates to hell and their religion nothing but the works of satan himself.  Because of this, Christians oppose all sacrifices of animals that are practiced in the deeper and darker occult groups. We oppose business that merchant in blood letting devices, witchcraft supplies, public dancing where satanic music and body movements are promoted.  We oppose halloween and the holding of religious services around a bonfire, the lighting of ritual candles, burning of incense, observance of gods or spirits, involvement in emulations, sorcercy, witchcraft, and the like: all of which are defined in the word of God as "of the devil."  Whether the followers of these groups proclaim they follow Satan or not, the Word of God proclaims there is a devil who is identified as satan. Christians did not invent him regardless of the lies told by those in witchcraft that they did.  Those in the occult who claim Christians invented the devil are just plain out liars.  They know the devil is mentioned in the Bible before there ever was a Jesus or Christians.  Many who follow these occult groups give up their mind to controllers, spirit guides, and manipulators, who tell them things that are lies.  But, believing lies, they are manufactured into walking demonic robots.  The Word of God states the following:

Mt:12:30: He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

Lk:11:23: He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.

Make your own conclusion, for these passages are the words of Jesus himself. In links to these studies you will learn the roots of occult practices. This is an attempt by Apostolics.Net to open your eyes to the light of Truth and salvation that is in Jesus Messieh. Only then can you judge for yourselves if these practices are of God, his will, in his word; or of Satan the devil and the carnal will of man. Satan is described as "the father of all lies and deception" in the Holy Bible. History has shown Satan to mimmick God, in an attempt to make himself a god to be worshiped through occult rituals and symbols. There will be links listed below with historical documentation. This is your notice: Apostolcis.Net is NOT THE OWNER or EDITOR OF THESE LINK PAGES. They are documentations created by various sources. These Studies are therefore linked to this site to bring awareness to the followers of Jesus Messieh, as to the religion of the devil that has surfaced under the name of New Age, Occult, and Kabbalism.  Satanism is against Jesus and the New Testament.  The word of God proclaims the following concerning the practices and the followers of these practices:

1 John:4:1: Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Rev:16:14: For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

Since there are so many different occult groups and practices we can not say all who are members of different groups do the same things.  But, we have seen that many belong to several groups and what they do not do in one they do in another.  It is important that we recognize the signs of a false ministry or an occultic practice. As Christians we must insist that our Churches be founded upon the true Word of God. Those who visit this page can evaluate for themselves whether the material they read promotes Truth.  Be very careful in dealing with faiths outside of the Church of Jesus Messieh. For churches of the world that go by the name Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish, have among them a large occult membership. Many who join occult groups do so by friendship with someone already in the cult. Beware of whom you fellowship!  Many who have traveled into the abyss of satanism did not originally intend to become devil worshipers, but they were deceived and led astray following some friend.  The realize to late they had become a satanist and their oaths of blood and death forbid them ever becoming a Christian again.  Many of these kill others and then themselves to end their cursed life.

How to tell if a Christian Ministry is cultic

Cult Watch

Roots of the New Age Movement

1 John:4:1: Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

If you practice the above passage of John 4:1 you will be furnished with the knowlege you need to make a wise and Godly decision. May the Lord quicken our hearts and minds to understand the truth, to understand the spirit behind that which has resurfaced in our modern society. For the evil and deceiving ways of the ancients have not passed away, they have only resurfaced with a new face, and a greater determination. The word of God lets us to know, this shall continue with fervency in the last days, and that great tribulation shall come against the followers of Christ for their stand in righteousness and the ways of God. And it shall continue until the return of the Lord himself.


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